HelloEOS: What We Have Contributed to the EOS Community

I. The Earliest Chinese Team to Promote EOS

Core members of HelloEOS are huge fans of Daniel Larimer. We translated the EOS whitepaper into Chinese and cooperated with other community members to publish a series of EOS related articles, such as “A Brief Reading Guide for EOS.IO Whitepaper” and “The Most Authoritative Reading Guide for EOS”, which were the most worth-reading EOS related reading materials in China.

II. The Non-stop Heat: HelloEOS, Hello Friends

From August to October 2018, HelloEOS hosted the first round of blockchain national roadshow themed “Hello EOS, Hello Friends”, the slogan of which was Open, Communication and Cooperation. We are dedicated to bringing more chemical reactions among our ecosystem partners and showing the society a real, passionate, energetic EOS community.

III. Not Letting A Single Chance of Promoting EOS Slip Away

In addition to our own base camp, Zicen paid almost all of his spare time to attending conferences and meetups in blockchain industry to promote EOS, bringing in fresh blood to the EOS community and its ecosystem. Rarely do people do things like this mad man.

IV. Concentrating on Security

i. BP Nodes Security Checklist

Before the mainnet launch, we connected with top security teams including Qihoo 360 and SlowMist, took the lead and created a group for all the teams involved in this big thing to communicate directly. Together we completed the BP nodes security checklist, provided node security architecture guidance, security auditing and attack & defence rehearsal.

ii. EOS MonKit — Gain Insight into Everything about EOS Contract

HelloEOS collaborated closely with SlowMist upon this project, sharing security intelligence and offering safety audit services. HelloEOS is listed as ecological partners of EOS MonKit: https://eos.slowmist.io .

iii. FireWall.X — Powerful FireWall for EOS Contract

HelloEOS will continue to collaborate with SlowMist to identify hackers’ accounts and list them in documentaries to prevent others from their attacks, guaranteeing the security of smart contracts.




Grow the Community and Support the Ecosystem. Embrace EOS and Embrace the Future. Block Producer ID: helloeoscnbp

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Grow the Community and Support the Ecosystem. Embrace EOS and Embrace the Future. Block Producer ID: helloeoscnbp

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